Maarten de Jeu Offers Insights for Businesses Going Global

A business that tastes success will come to think about expansion, that will mean considering
moving on to new markets far from home. Getting there, however, may prove to be challenging for
a business that doesn’t know what to consider. For SVM Business Advisory founder Maarten de Jeu,
going global is a question of investment and time, but with the right consultation, it can be
After a long career in business consultation, de Jeu has made a big enough impression that he’s
attracted clients like Sara Lee, ING, and Heinz when they wanted to move to new markets.
Succeeded at home may lead business leaders to think that other markets are up for grabs, but
reputations aren’t always global, which is why de Jeu cautions them to consider the cultural
preferences that define a new market. That’s the best way to understand where things stand.
First impressions can make market transition easier if done correctly. But presentation may not be
universally applicable. The first thing de Jeu says a business should worry about is maintaining the
quality of its products and services. If what a business sells meets the promise to consumer,
building a reputation in a new market becomes easier to accomplish.
Behind the scenes, there’s much to do as well. Business leadership will spent a great deal of time
meeting with potential partners, buyers, investors regulators, and many other parties that will be a
factor in the success or failure or a brand. That’s why de Jeu says language acquisition is a must
for a business that’s going international. Leadership that’s represented by someone who speaks the
native language not only goes towards eliminating confusion during negotiations, but it makes the
impression that the incoming business is going the extra mile to make a business personal as well
as professional.
Locals have the upper hand in understanding the local market, which is why they can make great
recruits for a business looking to grow there. Managers and entry-level workers, de Jeu notes,
make great additions to a business because they have experience in how business is done, how to
sell, how to run a team there. That experience can make the difference between getting a business
to open its doors or fail in the process.
All this advice is dependent upon a business’ willingness to be both patient and flexible. By
stepping back and assessing the situation, turning to those local hires, and communicating with
new partners, a business can assess where they are and consider new strategies if needed.

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About Maarten de Jeu:
Maarten de Jeu is a strategy advisor and business development expert. With experience across
Europe and the United States, de Jeu put his Leiden and Oxford educations to work assisting
corporations in developing strategies for success. In 2007 he left Dutch consultancy firm TVDK
Management Consultants to develop growth initiatives for businesses moving to Europe and Asia
for Aviva in London. He would eventually become Director of Strategy and Corporate Development,
and the experience and reputation gained there allowed him to open his own consultancy firm, SVM
Business Advisory.

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