Maarten de Jeu’s Advice on What Skills you Need Before Investing in a Property

Now a well-known business advisor, Maarten de Jeu established himself in the world of business by building a successful career in financial services, international business, and commercial real estate investing. As it is for most that have reached the pinnacle of success, his beginning started first with the education he received. It was when he graduated with his MBA from the University of Oxford at the top of his class when he first distinguished himself. Being top-ranked at his school served as a strong foundation allowing him to quickly advance at Aviva PLC. He held the position of Director of Strategy & Corporate Development before working as the International Strategy Manager of Aviva’s office in London. However, it wasn’t until he worked at TVDK Management Consultants when he began working with ABN AMRO, Heinz, ING, and other top clients (1). Maarten de Jeu’s success continued to rise as he moved on from here becoming the co-founder of SpeakUp. Currently, this technology start-up has grown into a success, and it is one of the leading ethics and compliance solutions in Europe. After gaining business experience, both nationally and internationally, Maarten de Jeu launched SVM Business Advisory in 2012. With the start of his own advisory agency Maarten was the preferred advisor for technology start-ups, executives of fortune 100 companies, and individuals with a high net-worth (1). 

Now that he’s at the height of success, Maarten de Jeu on occasion reflects on the knowledge he has gained throughout the years and passes it on offering advice on commercial real estate investing. Commercial real estate is considered properties that can be used for hotels, offices, retail centers, and apartments. Investing in these types of properties have several benefits along with generating a high income by either renting the properties or by selling the property after taking the time to increase its overall value. Even though it is more difficult, investing in commercial properties can be more lucrative than investing in residential properties if done properly. On this, Maarten de Jeu offers his advice that can get you off to a good start. The first thing to remember is that making a purchase of a property will require a substantial amount of money. If you opt to obtain finances from a private lender it is advisable to establish trust and credibility using a credibility packet. This packet should include:


  • Basic personal information (including contact information)
  • A description of your business and services
  • A statement stating what makes you different from competitors
  • Buying philosophy
  • Testimonials


For those that are still getting started to prepare the components of the credibility packet that you can, and add to your packet while you gain in experience (2). As you gain experience to take the time to develop the ability to assess the potential of a property by learning how to do your own investigation before making an investment. According to Maarten de Jeu, in order to be a successful commercial real estate investor, it is important to be thorough in looking into the property’s history, the location, current occupancy, tenant type interested in renting, and more. This information is crucial in order for you to know what to expect if you decide to invest in the property. On the other hand, it is possible to search online and through professional networking for properties that match your criteria. Even still, it’s recommended for an investor to learn how to evaluate a property’s interior by going to open houses being on the look-out for potential hazards, damages, and any repairs that need to be made (2). These skills develop slowly over time and are necessary. Anyone who plans on being a successful commercial real estate investor will do well in heeding Maarten de Jeu’s advice of developing the skills of property investigation and inspection prior to investing in a property. Learn more:



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