Matthew Fleeger Success in Oil and Gas Business Ventures

Matthew Fleeger works at Gulf Coast Western where he serves as the CEO and president. Gulf Coast Western is a company which specializes in oil and gas. It was founded in 1970. It is a business owned by a family, in Texas. It has its operations set in five locations, namely Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, and Mississippi. The business ventures have expanded through partnerships.

Matthew Fleeger is a renowned expert in matters concerning oil and gas. Previously, he worked in a company which dealt with transportation and disposal of medical waste. He successfully ran his role there for 13 years. He has incredible skills in leadership and team building. These roles are important for successful operations in the company. His abilities in entrepreneurship were invaluable to the company. He was also able to succeed in the tanning industry. He helped entrepreneurs develop the Palm Beach Tan company into the biggest tanning company in the country.

Gulf Coat Western main goal is to research on domestic oil and gas reserves and develop them. It serves as Joint Ventures. The company’s partnerships have enabled them to set the foundation in the different parts of the gulf coast region in America. More oil barrels have been created as a result. The company is considering expansion opportunities in the future.

Matthew Fleeger acknowledges his success in maintaining strong relationships and honesty among partners. This has enabled them to grow the company steadily. They run their operations and business transaction in mutual respect and a high degree of integrity. Teamwork between the management and employees has made it possible to implement decisions made by the management. Ethics in the company have led them in good standing with other companies, such as the Better Business Bureau. The executive roles of Matthew Fleeger have earned the company a good reputation.


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