Choudhry and Anderson Edits a Collection of Constitutional Essays

Have you asked yourself what is “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions?” It refers to the assortment of essays that feature a wide variety of defies brought by territorial disagreement during the constitution-making procedure and constitutional design. It is incredibly relevant to the existing conflicts across the world, comprising those in Myanmar, Yemen, and Libya.

The collection comprises 17 case studies of nations undergoing constitutional engagement in various contexts. It contains things such as small distinct territories, diverse countries with numerous politically salient parts, and bi-communal countries. Additionally, the volume has places where territorial politics is essential. The writers extracted case studies from Kenya, Cyprus, Nepal, Iraq, Spain, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka.

The volume of essays provided policy recommendation depending on a radical view of the complexity of political and territorial cleavages. The collection concludes with a synthetic section that makes originals conclusions from relative examination of case studies relating to the existing research. The collection of essay is used in various areas such as consociational power-sharing plans, and devolution.

Apart from releasing the assortment of essays, Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson wrote a confidante policy paper on a similar subject. The policy seeks to offer insights on how territorial claims relate constitutional design and constitution-making process. Additionally, they provide advice that might be helpful to advisors and principals who take part in constitutional moments.

George Anderson is the ex-deputy minister of Canada. He also served as the president of Forum of Federations. He is a member of the center of democracy and diversity at Queen’s University. Apart from that, he has a membership with Sandy Team of Experts for the department of political affairs of the United Nations.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is the owner Center of Constitutional Transitions where he serves as a Managing Director. Additionally, he is a globally known constitutional attorney and scholar. Sujit advises on governance, constitutional amendment, and the role of law procedures for many decades in different countries.

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Betterworks Unveils Team Edition


Betterworks is well-known for its HR software that addresses management and continuous performance incentives. They have just introduced Team Edition. This new products is a self-service package with tools that address the needs of smaller and midsize businesses. Companies that use the product can look forward to an increase in performance across the board.

Team Edition offers the very latest in technology that address performance management. Betterworks can provide businesses with the following performance benefits.

1. Companies can create and convey a company’s goals so that employees can focus on top priorities.

2. The new software can also track progress across the company.

3. Businesses can implement course corrections in real-time.

4. The software also provides a conversation template that inspires crucial company conversations.

Betterworks began in 2013. The company designs software tools that can give businesses the meaningful data they need to turn a profit and run smoothly. The software also keeps track of a number of key data points. Companies remain aware of the data points that can help them improve at any point.

Betterworks has a ton of features. Its software packages address heavy-duty issues that help keep companies on track. Prices will vary for the software, however there are many who think the ability for companies to scale up is well worth the price. Betterworks allows companies to move from annual reviews to an oversight of continuous performance. Betterworks provides the software that allows businesses to achieve the next level in performance.

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Oren Frank Has Created Something That Can Help Millions

Everyone knows that cost and busy lives can be barriers when it comes to receiving therapy. And since many people across this globe are affected by mental health issues, what are they going to do when they don’t have the time or insurance for traditional therapy sessions? Talkspace may soon help to fill that void for many.

Oren Frank is the co-founder of the text therapy app. Frank is from New York, and he has a passion for behavioral health. In fact, he has spoken publically about behavioral health, citing the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut as a wake-up call for him about the state of mental health treatment in the US. Learn more about Oren Frank at

Oren Frank has also spoken out on the rising costs of therapeutic sessions, saying that Talkspace offers an affordable option for people who cannot otherwise afford to get to traditional therapy. It also offers a discrete option so that people can avoid the stigma associated with mental illnesses.

And Oren Frank has also discussed how his company has done their own research on PTSD and that they have a unique approach to helping veterans and other PTSD victims through talk therapy via the app.

Oren Frank’s education is from Leicester polytechnic. And in the past, he has also worked for companies such as McCann Erickson, McCann Digital, and MRM Worldwide. He was also a writer and blogger at HuffPost from 2008 up until 2014. Frank has a lot of experience in many areas, and he brings a great amount of expertise to the table.

Talkspace is based out of the New York City area. Through Talkspace, therapy sessions can be accessed via chat from anywhere at any time. Only licensed therapists are available to speak through the app. Talkspace was first formed in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank.

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It pays to be the first for Fortress Investment Group

It almost always an advantage to be the first mover in a market. The founders of Fortress Investment Group understood this when they started the investment firm a decade ago.

Fortress Investment Group was the first financial firm focusing on alternative investments to go public. Then, in 2017, Fortress Investment Group became the first hedge fund to be purchased. Softbank Group Corporation, a multinational banking corporation headquartered in Tokyo, purchased Fortress for $3.3 billion.

Strong business model

When one looks at the business model and track record of Fortress it is no wonder Softbank saw great potential. The company’s asset-based investment services is well-diversified between a variety of different assets which include real estate, various financial vehicles for longer term cash flow and capital. Another advantage of owning Fortress is the company’s robust tools it has developed for evaluating highly complex investments. Additionally, over the course of two decades, Fortress Investment Group has garnered significant experience in managing acquisitions and mergers. Find out more about of Fortress Investment Group at

Growing investment portfolio

Following the initial public offering, Fortress consistently worked to grow its investment portfolio. Over the course of a decade, the company increased its available investment vehicles, which included the Credit Opportunities Funds, the Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Funds, the Worldwide Transportation and Infrastructure Fund and the Intellectual Property Fund. The firm also added funds focused on international investments as well.

Then, in 2010 the firm purchased American General Financial Services from AIG which rebranded as Springleaf Financial Services. Under the management of Fortress, Springleaf grew to be worth $3.5 billion. This was over 27 times more than its original value.

Industry recognition

After many notable achievements, including the purchase from AIG, Fortress Investment Group began to gain industry-wide recognition. The firm won awards from Institutional Investor magazine in 2010, 2011 and 2012. HFMWeek, the leading publication in the hedge fund industry, recognized Fortress in 2014 as the Management Firm of the Year.

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The Rise of Steve Ritchie- The CEO of Papa John’s International

Steve Ritchie is a prominent businessperson and the current chief executive officer of Papa John’s International. Mr. Ritchie is a graduate from Seneca high school, where he collected several competitive accolades. Today, the CEO resides in Kentucky. Steve began his career path as a staff worker at Papa John’s, where he was paid on an hourly basis.

His determination, commitment, and the urge to learn new trends in the marketing arena have helped clinch to the top seat at Papa John’s. Ritchie is well polished and has extensive knowledge in business administration and leadership. Today, he governs and presides all the operations at Papa John’s while closely observing the employees welfare.

Steve M. Ritchie Journey to Success

After completing his studies, Ritchie dwelled on self-employment where he established a local pizzeria at Louisville. He was always present at the pizzeria despite having employed staff workers who handled the daily operations of the business swiftly. The CEO dedicated most of his work to his local market. Perhaps, this is where he learned to practice the business code of ethics and to observe best practices at the workplace.

It is through his pizzeria that Ritchie gained extensive experience and know-how on how the pizza business is conducted. He hit the limelight of his career after his hard work and determination were recognized and incorporated in the list of Forty under Forty.

Why Ritchie was the best man for the CEO position

Mr. Ritchie has been delivering his accrued services at Papa John’s International Company for more than 22 years. He started rendering his services as an hourly worker, then got promoted to act as the chief operating officer. Papa John’s Incorporation operates several restaurants in the United States and other international walk-in restaurants.

Ritchie understands the importance of observing culture and traditions to satisfy the shopper’s needs and specifications. It’s in this line that he has devoted resources to train workers and to bring in outside experts. CEO Steve aims at improving the value addition practices, changing the underlying culture of the restaurant, and product innovation.

In his line of career, Steve Ritchie has been working on creating a good relationship with his customers. The CEO has been working on building and rebuilding trust with both the employees and potential customers. With Steve, the future of Papa John’s is indeed luminous considering he’s opting to expand outside markets and ventures.

Bottom Line

Ritchie aims at serving as the chair of the Fortune 500 companies and owns more than 100 units in three years. The quality of pizzas produced by Papa Johns is on another level. The CEO of the company is expected to lead a fantastic brand awareness and global development. Soon, customers will be in a position to order pizza instantly through Facebook, courtesy of Steve Ritchie. Find out more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s: Is Working Toward A Database Solution That Will Benefit It’s Business And It’s Customers: serves one of the world’s largest customer bases. This base totals some three-hundred-million individuals that regularly utilize the services provided by the e-commerce and retailing giant. Something that company officials have noticed in recent years is the fact that the business has been incurring higher costs of operation due to its database growing significantly. This database is known as the MySQL and its efficiency has declined as the number of data contained within has rapidly increased. This phenomenon has been detailed by Haifeng Liu, the Retail Chief Architect for As per usual, when a challenge presents itself, the team at works to find a solution to solve it. This is certainly the case with this database.

To solve its database issues, has joined forces with a company called Vitess to devise a database solution that is scalable for the management of this massive collection of information. This solution that Vitess is working on will also focus on supporting’s ability to expand its MySQL database further. Haifeng Liu has expressed great excitement about working on this new project to bring new levels of efficiency to the database. officials expect this project to have a significant impact on the company’s business operations. has already seen some noticeable differences since working on this solution with Vitess. These improvements include the scalability of the database as well as its elastic attributes. This program is also paying dividends in reducing the cost of labor and resources. This is great news for and the firm’s customers. The company currently occupies a couple of lofty positions within the world economy. is well-known as China’s leading retailer but the firm is also the third biggest internet-based operation globally when it comes to the amount of revenue that is generated.

Solving the problems of the retail and e-commerce industry is a major part of the work that the team does. This effort to improve database efficiency is no different and the fast results that the company has seen as a sure sign that the efforts are paying off.

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Choosing the Agera Energy Platform

For anyone who has ever wanted to save money on the electric and fuel that they use, it is nice to know that Agera Energy is there for your every need. Agera Energy has been working with people nationwide to provide them with quality energy services that are truly working for them. You can feel good in knowing that this is a company that you can fully trust with any and all of your electricity needs. Read more about Agera Energy on

You can even find Agera Energy on Twitter, giving helpful tips for those wanting to save money on any and all of the different types of energy needs that they have. If you would like to learn more about the company, they have a great customer service line directly on the Agera Energy site. You can chat with one of their helpful representatives and see for yourself why it’s such a wonderful company to choose. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.


Steve Lesnard Advice Concerning Modern Advertising Tools

Every company in the market has a product and service meant for the people. All company owners start their businesses with high hopes that they are going to sale and earn profits. This does not happen when there is a lack of adequate marketing strategies. Reaching consumers is hard. Many advertising trends are popular in the market today. A company should select a trend that works perfectly for their brand. The ideal marketing platform makes you reach many people and at the end of it make significant profits. Establishing a campaign to market your brand does not happen in a day. Steve Lesnard, one of the few digital marketing experts, has the solutions most company owners need. The executive shared some of the secrets to having when advertising in a tight environment. Lesnard wants businesses to thrive because of the marketing and advertising techniques they have. With the changing times, the executive asks the leaders in business to embrace change and use the latest platforms in marketing.

When you are getting started in your marketing journey, there are important insights to make things fall in place. Lesnard career in marketing started many years ago. In these decades, the executive discovered that the most successful campaigns are simple. The customers in the market have busy lives. This means that they do not have time to read and listen to long and complicated statements used by companies in advertising. When you want to tell your potential customers about the benefits of a product, you need to use short and simple words. The use of irrelevant terms is dangerous when an individual is marketing their brand in the competitive market.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are popular among all people. Many growing companies overlook these social media sites. Steve Lesnard has a unique idea about them. According to him, these sites are very powerful in marketing when used by an experienced professional. Apart from being effective, these tools do not need so much money from your company so that they can be successful. Most people have access to the sites at any time of the day.

Luke Lazarus Delivers Results To Struggling Companies Who Need The Skills To Succeed

Chance are very low that a new business will make it in the first five years of operation. Luke Lazarus wants to change this well-played out scenario with companies that succeed. He understands the depth of what a company needs to really take off. T

hat is why he founded Luke Lazarus Consulting in 2013. There are small percentages of people who make it in the world of entrepreneur, and they have the low-down on what’s important to be successful.

Mr. Lazarus was born in Melbourne, Australia and has stayed in the same town ever since. Being a bright young mind, Luke got endless scholarship offers to many Ivy League universities in the world, including the United States. Instead, the young entrepreneur decided to honor his home town and attend Melbourne Business School.

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He earned an executive Master of Business Administration degree at just the age of 24 years old. This would set him up for success in a very big way. The next stage of life would be equally impressive.

Luke would become the proud founder of four companies that would flourish under his watchful eye. After they reached maturity, Mr. Lazarus sold them for millions of dollars. Now he is helping other people achieve success with their companies just like he did.

There are many factors to running a successful business and Luke has the keys to unlock it. He holds one of the coveted role of serial entrepreneur. This name and small percentage of people know how to build a successful company.

In fact, they build many companies and sell them for huge profits. Eventually, the excitement of making millions wears off and they want to do something more fulfilling. Being a business consultant fits that to the tee. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Business

They can use their skills, make money, but most importantly help others achieve success. That makes someone feel like they did something good for the world. Not only is this model good for both parties, but it good for everyone else.

This helps boost the local economy also. Mr. Lazarus is all about it. After selling his companies at 35 years old, he wanted to do something different. That is why he started his own startup company in Australia.

Most budding entrepreneurs are not lacking the imagination, intelligence, or business idea to make a successful company, Mr Lazarus says. What they are lacking is the know-how to make it happen. They lack the integral skills to functionally run a business.

They also may lack the capital and business plan to start from. That is when Luke Lazarus comes in and addresses the underlining, most important factors. He takes a straightforward and direct approach, not wasting his client’s time in the meanwhile.

The results are often quite impressive, that last long in the future. Luke Lazarus is looking forward to continue his work and grow his company. When clients find good results with his consulting firm, they will go out into the world and say good things about his company. In turn, more clients will come his way.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant


Dick DeVos Continues To Take Action By Improving The City He Was Born In

Dick DeVos is a man of action who has always taken the side of the people of Michigan. His work ethic and many talents have allowed him to do what many others have not in the state. He was responsible for the passing of legislation that has supported many low-income families in the state who simply wanted a better education for their children. He has also donated millions of dollars to charitable causes and educational reform through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he has continued to work hard for the city in many different ways. In the past, he helped the city by putting a stop to a bad plan that could have costed it some serious money. During the earlier part of the 1990s, Grand Rapids had been considering a plan to build a convention and sports arena near its downtown region. The plan was being revealed to the public when DeVos head about it, and he took action quickly to stop it.


Dick DeVos made many phone calls in an effort to lobby the building of the arena and convention center. In the process, he helped to form a group known as Grand Action. This group is made up of various business leaders from the area, and it continues to help improve the city by supporting the construction of helpful buildings.


In 2006, Dick DeVos wanted to do even more to help out his home state. He decided to run to serve as Michigan’s governor. Unfortunately, he fell short to Jennifer Granholm, the Democrat incumbent. In 2012, he returned to the political scene to support legislation that would make Michigan a right-to-work state. His efforts were successful, and now anyone can gain employment in the state, whether they are in a union or not.


Dick DeVos has often talked about his love for the aviation sector. He is a pilot who has also referred to himself as an aviation geek in the past. Some years back, he took it upon himself to contact the CEO of AirTran to talk him into running nonstop flights out of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He was successful, but it wasn’t long after this that AirTran was acquired by Southwest. This meant he would have to convince Southwest to continue service in West Michigan. Instead of simply continuing to offer service in Grand Rapids, Southwest expanded its offerings. The airport has been very successful ever since and recently paid $45 million for upgrades.


Dick DeVos studied at Northwood University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is a co-owner of the Orlando Magic and the founder of The Windquest Group. He continues to do what he feels is best for the city he was born in and the state of Michigan.


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