Why Sussex Healthcare Is The Best Adult Care Network

Sussex Healthcare has been setting the standard in providing care to elderly and other adults in need of specialized care for more than 20 years. It is an independent group of care homes. Based in the United Kingdom the majority of its facilities can be found on the southern coast of England.

A major reason it is so dynamic is its leadership. The organization’s dual chairmen, Shiraz Bighani and Shafik Sachedina possess skills that compliment the other. Thus, the two are a near perfect team that has lead Sussex Healthcare to being an award-winning adult care network.

It’s been nearly 25 years since the first Sussex Healthcare facility opened. Back then no one could have predicted that it would one day have more than 20 facilities operational. This includes its state-of-the-art gym and daycare facility. Not to mention, full care residential homes operate under the company’s umbrella.

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Although it is known for housing the elderly it also has residents that are young adults who suffer from various neurological disorders. It wants to be known as more than just a company that specializes in operating live-in facilities for older people. Its Its skilled caregiving staff are trained to cater to both individuals with extensive care needs and those whose needs are more limited. Sussex Healthcare hires individuals that are passionate about taking care of people.

Sussex Healthcare puts a lot of effort into making life worth living for the people that call it home. It provides its residents with continued access to leisure, social, and recreational activities. It doesn’t want residents to feel like they’re just waiting to die. Caregivers are trained to encourage residents to stay active and engaging. It even goes above and beyond to plan personalized activities that are based around a resident’s interests.

Nutrition is also a top priority. Each residential facility has a skilled chef and staff that cook healthy meals daily.

How AvaTrade is Helping People Invest

AvaTrade is a Forex and CFD trading firm based out of Ireland. Founded in 2006 by a group of financial analysts, AvaTrade has stood the test of time and become one of the world’s largest trading institutes. AvaTrade works with both high net worth and low net worth customers to help them create personalized plans for their investment needs. Working with AvaTrade is effortless due to their five separate trading platforms that you can download and use on your computer. The five programs are focused on trading stocks, bonds and investing in funds, providing a greater ability for people to earn income over time.


In order to begin trading on AvaTrade, you’ll create an account and open it up with a balance of at least $5,000. You will receive a 40 percent bonus on your first deposit, allowing you to put more cash towards your trades. The five trading platforms that AvaTrade has available include MetaTrader, Web Trading, Mac Trading, Ava Options and Mobile Trading. The mobile trading option that AvaTrade has available to their customers enables for on-the-go trading and investing from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. According to many AvaTrade review you can find online, trading on the site has been found to be quick, effortless and enables for higher-quality yields within the stock market.


The AvaTrade trading calculator allows clients to estimate how much they can get from a specific trade before going through with it. Making use of such a calculator will prevent risk development, which in turn means more money and yields for your account. AvaTrade’s tagline is “Trade with Confidence” because of the extensive work their analysts have put into their trading platforms. If you’ve had a bad experience in the past with trading and investing, reading a AvaTrade broker review will give you insight into how different this company has been and how they can help create an account for you that works for your budgeting requirements. Unlike other trading platforms, AvaTrade platforms are free to download and require a smaller deposit to get started when looking to both trade and invest in varying funds.

Wes Edens Asset Manager

Wes Edens is one of the leading asset managers in the United States. As one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group, he has a ton of experience in the financial planning industry. Wes Edens enjoys helping clients with various projects. Unlike many asset managers, he typically recommends a portfolio allocation that comprises more than just stocks and bonds. Over the past few years, the investment returns from Fortress Investment Group have exceeded the overall market.

Starting in his Career

Wes Edens started his career working for a prominent financial planning firm. He learned various aspects of managing customers. Although he made some mistakes, he was always willing to help clients reach their financial goals. Unlike many asset managers, he was willing to take significant risks to benefit clients. Anyone who wants to improve their rate of return should consider working with Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens decided to leave the financial planning industry to start his own company. He never dreamed that he would operate one of the largest alternative investment management companies in the world.


Having success with financial planning is easier than many people think. One of the most critical aspects of success is merely sticking to a plan. Wes Edens encourages clients to take some risks to increase their rate of return. Some people are too conservative with their finances. Young people who start investing have an excellent opportunity to build wealth. Some young people think it is too challenging to start investing when they begin working. Wes Edens works with young people each week and highly encourages them to begin investing as soon as they have a sustainable income.

Although Wes has had a lot of success during his life, he has numerous plans for the upcoming years. He is a prominent investor and a trustworthy business owner. Anyone who wants to have financial success should learn from him.


InnovaCare is a health facility that was started with the aim of allowing many people to access medical services. It has been created using modern technology to cope with the changing society. It comprises of modern buildings whereby some provide private rooms for consultation and treatment as well. Therefore, it is a healthcare facility that has created an environment that accommodates different people.

Many factors have influenced the growth of the company including good leadership and great strategies outlined. The Chief Executive Officer, Rick Shinto ensures that the operations are done according to the mission and vision of the company, so that good medical services are provided to the customers. In addition, he works with other people who use their skills and knowledge to reach the goals.

Penelope Kokkinides is one of the leaders who work in the operation department. She is the Chief Operating Officer whose work is to ensure that every activity in the company runs smoothly. Having vast experience in previous companies, she has been of excellent service to the organization as she motivates the workers to work as a team.

Recently, she got the privilege to meet up with the President of the United States, Donald Trump. She was selected among the health practitioners to attend the meeting. The attendance enabled her to display the purposes of the organization especially in the spreading of medical care to Puerto Rico. The company aims to provide excellent and affordable Medicare to the public in the community including in Puerto Rico whose health care has not been of perfect standards.

In the meeting arranged, Penelope Kokkinides talked out some ideas which will help the company grow and provide effective services to the residents of the region. According to her as the representative, she believes the reduction of health prices, accommodation of credit cards as well as improvement of the technology will assist to improve the services and health in the long run.

Therefore, InnovaCare Health works with the mind of the public in mind. They work as a team to create a conducive environment for treatment. The desire to achieve better reputation also helps the company to win the trust of many. For this reason, it works to achieve better ratings in Puerto Rico as it will show the company great health care provided in the region. However, it got recognition as one of the best healthcare facilities present in the area. Rick Shinto views this as a privilege and believes he will work together with his team for a better future.


Sussex Healthcare Has Devoted 25 Years To Caring For The Elderly And Disabled

Over the last quarter-of-a-century, Sussex Healthcare has grown into a company that boasts 20 facilities. These facilities include full care residences, a daycare, and an ultramodern gym. The gym is utilized by Sussex Healthcare clients and senior citizens living in the surrounding community.

For the last two decades, Sussex Healthcare has been headed by Joint Chairmen Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Mr. Boghania is a successful hotelier. Educated as an accountant his 20-year involvement with SHC is reflective of his devotion to bettering the human condition.

Shafik Sachedina is a 1975 graduate of the University of London’s Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. He graduated with the credentials to practice dental surgery.

Sussex Healthcare offers a variety of services. Their long-term care facilities focus on both the physical and emotional needs of residents. For adults with developmental issues of the body or mind, spa pools and multisensory therapy are among the treatments used. All care is rendered by qualified specialists.

An illness or disability also takes a toll on family members who act as caregivers. To provide these caregivers some needed time to rest and recharge Sussex Healthcare offers short-term care facilities.

Instead of being warehoused dementia patients at SHC are kept engaged mentally and emotionally. Each resident is provided a personalized care plan. Already qualified to care for dementia patients the staff’s training is continuous.

The Neurological Care Staff at Sussex Healthcare are qualified to care for patients with MS, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease, damaged spinal cords, and motor neuron disease. The course of treatment is an amalgam of physio, speech, and language therapies. Untraditional treatments like aromatherapy and reflexology are also employed.

The Children’s’ Trust Profound Education Team is one of the groups that Sussex Healthcare works with to help people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) live as independently as possible. The staff of SHC’s residential homes helps PMLD clients with basic life tasks like shopping.

Palliative care for those nearing their final rest is offered by Sussex. The staff which is trained in the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care help patients cope with physical discomfort and to get their affairs in order.

Currently, there are nearly 600 patients being cared for by Sussex Healthcare. Their first facility that was established in Horsham West Sussex. Since then Sussex Healthcare has grown into the largest provider of its kind in the Sussex, England area.

Source: https://gazetteday.com/2017/11/sussex-healthcare-helps-patients-feel-at-home/

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Newly Elected Position

When it comes to plastic surgeons, the United States is home to its fair share of professionals. One of the leading plastic surgeons in the South is Dr. Jennifer Walden, and she has helped to take this genre to a completely new level. The Austin-native grew up in the state of Texas, but she has travelled to numerous locations in search of further certification. Walden is the daughter of a dentist (father) and the daughter of a surgical nurse (mother). After graduating from Anderson High School, she would go on to attend the University of Texas and then attend the University of Texas Medical Branch. During this point in time, she would earn an undergraduate degree as well as attain her M.D.

Walden, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon, was just elected as the first female to serve on the American Society of Plastic Surgery as well as elected as the Secretary of the Society’s Executive Committee. By overseeing all of the communications-related activities, she is also the Commissioner of Communications for the ASAPS. Walden has been on top of her game for quite some time and it’s paying-off in a number of ways. She is one of the most progressive thinking and progressive acting plastic surgeons in the country. After relocating New York City, she would attain her fellowship from the prestigious Manhattan, Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. Walden worked and resided on New York City’s Upper East Side for a number years. During this time, she held many prominent positions such as the Aesthetic Surgery Program Director at MEETH.

Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is her very own medical practice, and it provides a wide array of services. This includes butt lifts, Botox injections, breast implants, breast reduction, labiaplasties and many more. Of course, this only scratches the surface of what this phenomenal woman has achieved, but you should have a much better understanding of how important Dr. Jennifer Walden truly is.

Bob Reina Dares People to Pursue their Dreams

There is a great amount of respect for those that achieve great things. The reality is that everyone that achieves great success is going to experience failure at some point. Great actors like Will Smith have talked about how it is actually important to fail early and realize that failure is a learning process. You learn the things that do not work.


Denzel Washington and other celebrities have also talked about how they had such hard careers in the beginning before they found success. Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, echoes a lot of what entertainers have said.


He knows that dreams can be crushed if they are not pursued. He knows about all the things that people need to do in order to live out their dreams and it starts with believing that it is something that you can do. This is the foundation that will propel you to another level. There are tons of people that may try to get in your way and tell you that you are not able to do a certain thing. It is up to you to decide if you are going to listen or make your own play and do what works best for you.


Bob Reina could have listened to other people, and he could have chosen a less hectic life. He could have chose to settle with what he had. He did not do this, and the world has been a better place when it comes to video conferencing and video email because of this. Even great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs had failures long before Apple became the multi-billion-dollar success that it is today. It takes someone that is persistent even when they are failing to really make a difference and change the world.


Bob recognized that he had a dream and something that no one else had done before. When he created video email he was stepping out on faith that he could accomplish something that had not been accomplished. His persistence made his dream come true, and he urges others to be persistent about their dreams as well. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bob-reina-talk-fusion-ceo-returns-as-guest-author-to-martech-advisor-300411047.html





Securus Technologies: Developing the Innovative Wireless Containment Solution

Securus Technologies is an industry leader in the creation and installment of prison security technology in prisons, correctional facilities and for correctional officers. The company is based in Dallas, Texas and is the leader in this technology throughout all of North America. The company works with over 2,000 institutions and employs over one thousand people. Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith, shared in a recent news article that not a single week goes by that his team does not either create a new technology or makes a major adjustment or improvement to a piece of technology that the company currently offers.


Securus Technologies offers such technologies as products that can track cell phones in order to find criminals and put them behind bars. For example, the company once helped a Sheriff’s Department to locate nearly a million dollars’ worth of stolen guns, drugs and laundered money. This technology is essential to keep our law enforcement on the edge of technology.


However, perhaps the most essential technology that Securus Technologies has created involves combating the rising threat of contraband cell phones being smuggled into prisons. Smuggled cell phones are one of the biggest rising threats to security in prisons and an even bigger threat to those outside of prisons. One such case involves a prisoner contracting a hit on someone outside that went horribly wrong. The situation ended with a baby being shot in its mother’s arms. Tragedies like these are all too common when a cell phone falls into the wrong hands.


Securus Technologies has now developed the Wireless Containment Solution. This technology combats multiple threats that can arise from cell phones being brought into the prison system illegally. First, the Wireless Containment Solution blocks unauthorized cell phones from connecting to wireless networks, while still allowing approved cell phones to connect. Second, it blocks these unauthorized cell phones from being able to make calls or send texts. Again, approved numbers are always allowed through.


In a second phase of what the Wireless Containment Solution provides, the technology allows correctional officers to find the specific location of any unapproved cell phone inside prison walls. This greatly cuts back on the time and effort needed to locate contraband cell phones, as they can be found digitally, rather than through traditional cell searches. Of course, the first use for this is to find the cell phone itself. However, a secondary benefit is that correctional officers are able to see exactly which inmates are involved in the process of bringing phones in to prisons. This means that they can track the specific point of entry and determine who is the person responsible for bringing the cell phone in and if there is a possible ring of inmates.


Rocketship Education Parents Demand Their Rights And Respect

The charter school movement in the U.S. has taken on a level of urgency not often seen with community-based projects in the education sector as parents and families of students looking to create a system of schools where the community is at the heart of the way forward for each educational institution. Rocketship Education is at the cutting edge of the use of the latest technology and community organizing techniques with the families of students given every opportunity to play a key role in an educational system established in San Jose in 2006.

One area which has proven a success for the families of Rocketship Education students has been the development of community links including the desire to push forward the reasons why they believe charter schools are a positive option to undertake. In an open letter published by The Tennessean newspaper, parents involved with Rocketship Education in Nashville made clear they were simply looking to give students the best possible education regardless of the thoughts of detractors and those opposed to the development of charter schools.

The demand for respect is one area all students and families are looking to expand upon in the 21st-century as the charter school system expands to include more than ten campus locations across three states and Washington D.C. Families of students attending Rocketship Education in Nashville revealed they had faced criticism from other families and politicians at local and state level for making a similar decision to those who take advantage of the school choice program in the area.

Creating an environment where parents have a positive experience and feel they have the desire to aid the development of the charter school program as a whole with a move towards developing charter schools in new communities. Operating solely at an elementary school level, Rocketship Education is already seeing its first generation of families seeking to expand the charter school program to middle and high school levels in California with the aid of their experiences at this educational institution.

End Citizens United Feels That Cory Booker Did A Fantastic Job

Cory Booker declined corporate political action committee (PAC) money. End Citizens United (ECU) felt that the senator made a perfect decision. Booker joined the ongoing trend of candidates rejecting corporate PACs. ECU encourages candidates to turn down funds aimed at special interests.

Rejecting the PAC money showed his leadership and desire to stop the system that leaves behind many Americans according to votesmart.org. He demonstrated his interest in fighting for the people’s rights, and not corporate special interests.

Through its president, Muller Tiffany, ECU expressed its gratitude to Cory Booker. Members were assured that he would help mend the broken system and create one that promotes democracy.

With an endorsement from ECU, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand declared during her re-election campaigns, that she would reject PAC money. ECU already had a list of more than 70 candidates who supported this initiative. Some of the endorsed candidates are Andy Kim, Elissa Slotkin, Beto O’Rourke, Conor Lamb, Christina Hartman, and Dean Phillips.

Washington’s policies frustrated most voters. As such, they felt that any candidate who supported ECU was committed to fighting for their rights, against the corporate special interests.

ECU is an organization that gives voice to American families. It also seeks to eradicate BIG Money from politics. This way, Congress will focus on every American citizen and not the special interest donors.

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About Cory Booker

He grew up in Harrington Park in New Jersey. He studied sociology at the Standard University. Cory joined Yale Law School, and later won a Rhodes scholarship, and went to the University of Oxford. His first political position was a Newark City councilor between 1998 and 2002.

In 2006, Cory became a mayor. During his leadership, affordable housing doubled and the city deficit reduced to 73 million dollars from 180 million dollars. He raised more than 6 million dollars for the race to this seat. He has served as the New Jersey senator since 2013.

About Kirsten Gillibrand

From 2007 to 2009, Gillibrand represented New York’s 20th congressional district. She is the New York senator since 2009. Her top priority is to rebuild the economy. Her efforts to create more jobs and to have more products locally manufactured are unstoppable. The senator seeks to support more small businesses in her area.

Search more about End Citizens United: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/

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