Don Ressler And The Desire To Look And Feel Good

Don Ressler understands that it is important for people to look and feel as good as they want. This is one of the reasons that JustFab is one of the most successful businesses. It is always growing and expanding. Therefore, people are getting more options from the online fashion subscription service. One of the latest activities that Don Ressler has taken part in is the launch of TechStyle. TechStyle has been launched as a ways to not only stay ahead of the trends, but to also influence the trends throughout the world. This also gives Don Ressler more room to bring forth new offers and promotions with his brand.

One thing that Don Ressler is promoting is the #FABforAll initiative. This makes it possible for women to find the styles that they want in the sizes that they want. This also allows women who are above the average size limit to be able to enjoy some of the high fashion that the JustFab industry offers on Bloomberg. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have shown that they are very passionate and serious about bringing fashion to women and even being ahead of the game. Therefore, more people are becoming interested in what JustFab has to offer people.

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Among other expansions that JustFab has made is the new P.S. service. This is where people are sent curated items based on what they have ordered. One thing that Don Ressler is very interested in doing with all of the subsidiaries of JustFab is provide people with a chance to find their own unique style and to look good in what they wear. This will bring about the confidence that they need in order to get through their daily life.

Fashion has been such a great thing for Don Ressler to get into. He has gotten his start on the internet. JustFab was not his first venture into fashion, cosmetics and style, he has also started companies like Intermix and Intelligent Beauty.


Historian Michael Zomber Creatively Narrates the History of Arms and Armor

In September 2016, Zomber announced on PR Newswire that he acquired John Brown’s Bowie knife, another antique . He has a creative craft of describing past events in various books, such as Shotgun Iemitsu and Sweet Betsy That’s Me. The History Channel featured him in various series of the Tales of the Gun aired between 2010 and 2011.

Since the early 1970’s Zomber is a dedicated weapon collector of treasured antiques from the 16th century to the 19th century. He recounts historical event of weapons used on the battlefield or to duel during the 1500’s through the 1800’s. In his collection are arms from America, Europe, Islam, and Japan. Some weapons have been viewed on the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun, including orient guns and dueling pistols.

The Bowie knife Michael acquired in September holds history involving John Brown, a radical abolitionist known in the U.S. J. E. B. Stuart claims to have taken the knife from Brown before turning him over to be tried and hanged. He believed that armed revolution was the only alternative to stop slavery in the United States. The antique weapon is described as featuring a coffin handle, nickel inlaid with mother of pearl, and spear point blade.

Michael Zomber said he is honored to own a weapon that is a part of the history of John Brown and the abolitionist movement. He also stated in the press release that the knife is a rare piece of history he is passionate about and has a deep interest in. Whether he narrates a story recounting the events of Brown’s life and the Bowie knife hasn’t been released to the public.

The Executive Board Of The Cox School Of Business At SMU Has A New Board Member

Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business was established in 1920. The Business school was named after benefactor Edwin L. Cox in 1978. The Cox School of Business is considered one of the top business schools in the United States. The list of corporate executives that graduated from that school is a long and impressive one.

The Executive Board of the Cox School of Business is composed of business leaders from across the country, so it comes as no surprise that the board recently appointed Highland Capital Management’s president and co-founder, James Dondero to that board. Highland Capital Management has been involved with the Cox School of Business for several years.

The Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Endowment at Southern Methodist University has helped students pursue their academic goals. The endowment also supports the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Highland Capital Management is a very successful investment firm. The company has more than $16 billion in assets under management, and thanks to Jim Dondero, and his executive team that number continues to increase every year. Dondero is considered an expert in the field of credit strategies, and he is also considered one of the top hedge fund managers in the United States.

The Dallas Journal said that In 1993, James Dondero founded Highland Capital with fellow financial expert, Mark Okada. Both men have accounting backgrounds, and they both excel in collateralized loan obligations as well as emerging market investments.

James invested in Argentina bonds in 2014, and that was before the new president of Argentina was elected. That investment is producing an annualized return of more than 25 percent.

James Dondero is able to act quickly in the emerging market investment space because Highland Capital has offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and New York. Even though the company is based in Dallas, Dondero, and the executive team receive information from company offices around the globe every day.

The Cox School of Business is excited to have James Dondero on the board, and Jim is honored to be a part of the SMU community.

Sports Betting, College Betting And Covers.Com For Games and Promotions

Sports betting has been around for a long time. Families use to sit around the radio rooting on their favorite teams. Fathers and sons made it a weekly event to go to the sporting arena to yell at their favorite team. Brothers may place a nickel bet on the winner for the day. Families put all of their money into the pot and choose to bet against other families, winner takes all. is the website to place your bets and follow your teams. The website covers most of the original teams so anyone can place their bets on their favorite teams. The NFL and NCAA are two of the most bet upon groups for sports. Covers also make sure patrons can place bets on office pools, favorite teams, and follow picks on twitter and facebook. The forums are available for people that want to talk to other sports enthusiasts or that want to ask questions. also has news on the players and teams. If someone gets hurt, the website follows and reports. Anyone that joins the website can browse for free. Set up your account to access contests, promotions, and special bonuses. Winning is easy when you pick your favorite. Some contest gives money and some give t-shirts or sweatshirts

The college basketball sports betting has been one of the favorites since small town teams like University of North Carolina began winning. This small team has a few rivals and you can catch the rivalry online just by clicking the highlights and news articles on the website. One of the highlights of the Spring is being able to follow your team through March madness. Out of all of the college basketball teams around the United States, only 64 teams make the grade. The brackets are set and the top team plays the underdog until the final 4 is set. These last games of the final 4 are the most exciting and most watched in the tournaments.

Sports betting on college basketball odds is very popular in online and walk-in casinos. Sports betting pays by the odds of winning.  This means, if the underdog is playing the number one team in the US, the odds will the way to play. has several games and contests that individuals can get involved in. It is easy to login and join the sports betting game.

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