The Man Behind Many TV Shows: Bennett Graebner

Who is Bennett Graebner? Have you heard of The Bachelor? Maybe you have and if you just happen to be a fan of The Bachelor then give thanks to Bennett Graebner. He is the executive producer of this popular show as well as many other shows. He has accomplished person in Hollywood. He is the man behind many television shows that have been on television for many years (Metacritic).


Bennett Graebner was born in Buffalo, New York on July 30, 1971. He is a husband and father to two children. He has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in film production. The Bachelor is not his only television producer credit. Graebner produced The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Love At First Kiss. It is fair to say that he is a living legend in the world of reality dating and love shows. He has had incredible success creating and producing shows that revolve around finding love, dating and relationships.


Americans have an obsession with reality television. In addition, Americans enjoy a good love story. So creating reality shows that revolve around relationship issues, dating and love was a great idea for Bennett Graebner. This idea has made him a lot of money and gave him a respected reputation amongst others working in Hollywood. He truly embodies what it takes to be a producer that creates content for television that is engaging, entertaining and is exactly what viewers at home desire to see on their television screen.


The work of Bennett Graebner has graced the screens of millions of televisions in America for several years. His work with television, film and producing has a major influence on American tv history. He was one of the first producers to tap into the desire for people to see reality love shows on television. He has allowed Americans to become apart of how real life relationships unfold and develop. He has also allowed for people to star on television and have a chance to find love. The television show he has produced are still very successful after many seasons.


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OSI Food Solutions Purchases

OSI Food Solutions have prevailed in food processing. They serve a wide range of customers with different meat products. Since 1909 OSI has focused on expanding its reach to various parts of the world.

Expansion Efforts

OSI Food Solutions has already established 65 facilities in about 17 countries across the globe, saving thousands of people. The expansion process is monitors strictly by the management team, ensuring they follow all the set procedures for expansion. There are more than 100, 000 employees serving at OSI logistic centers all trained and devoted to providing high-quality services. OSI Food Solutions have managed to expand their resources to Barrington after acquiring Rose Packing Corporation that deals with pork products. The management team of Rose agreed to work with OSI leadership, ensuring they share new ideas to implement in the market.

OSI has also taken the initiative to partner with other companies ensuring they share resources to increase sales and attract more customers. OSI has been rated among the largest food processing companies focused on addressing all issues raised by its customers. OSI expansion process involves forming joint ventures with farmers, plants, and other processing facilities. They have already successfully opened facilities in Europe, China, Australia, North America, and India, among different parts of the world. The expansion has contributed to the increase in sales, and the company has also gained respect in the food processing sector.

Poultry Expansion

OSI Food Solutions have doubled their supply of chicken to meet the increased demand for chicken products. The Toledo Spain Facility has increased its production rate for chicken creating job opportunities to many people as well as improving living standards of the framers since they have marketed for their chicken. Other OSI purchases include the Baho Food Plant purchase that deals with the supply of meat and snacks for the customers living in Deli. Tyson Plant has also been acquired to provide expansion space is about 20,000 square feet; hence, enough room to construct storage and processing facilities. The joint ventures have benefits to OSI since they can serve a broad market increasing sales as well as the logistics of the company. The management team, including David McDonald and Sheldon Levine, are devoted to expanding the company.



Steve Lesnard of Product Introduction and Marketing

Foreign and changing social and digital media platforms have changed the various forms of marketing new products. These decisions have remarkable benefits and are a proof of counter-productivity in a case of un-proper leveraging. Successful brands always put the needs of their consumers in the center of their approach. Successful introduction of products in the market highlights the advantages that increase value to the lives of consumers. In order to successfully market a product, Steve Lesnard advises on using two key principles: simplicity and bringing the product to life.

Keeping it simple makes the process of product introduction memorable. Walt Disney once stated that the most significance thing in product introduction is getting a correct story line. A successful product introduction highlights the benefits of the consumer, while stating what trend or product is correct and new. This may seem easy to most brands. The aspect of simplification makes a brand’s team center their focus on relevant and innovative communication features. Along the way, it is not wrong to chose a particular lane and let it guide you.

10k songs in your pocket was Apple’s famous iPod campaign, which is an illustration of Apple’s focus on the simple advantages of creating a foreign solution to its consumers, who have a passion for listening to music. Apple had a simplified communication approach with emotion suitable for the technical supremacy era in the industry. Currently, Apple focuses on safety, health and fitness through expansion of features and measurements of sports.

Bringing a product to life is a process of making it real in the market. This principle is based on consumer experience that one wishes to bring to life upon getting a clear story -line. For instance, how would a particular item look on you, how an item functions or how to use a particular product. These elements of a story-line can be portrayed in different forms which can energize a media platform of one’s choice. Rich and changing ways of marketing include integrating consumer testimony with the story-line, use of videos to market products and highlighting the memorable features of a product.

Tim Ioannides: Changing the Medical Field

If you know anything about dermatology, then you may have heard of Tim Ioannides recently.

Recently, Dr. Ioannides did a Q & A with Tim Ioannides has earned degrees from prestigious universities such as the University of Miami School and the University of Florida School of Medicine Health Science Center. And since entering the private sector of the medical world, he has accomplished founding his own dermatology clinic.

Tim Ioannides founded Treasure Coast Dermatology in order to put the needs of his patients above all else. And it’s a business model that is working for him.

In his interview, Ioannides says that he had to venture out on his own because of a sense of fulfillment that he discovered that he needed. Even though he was a little bit intimidated initially by the idea of entrepreneurship, that certainly didn’t end up stopping him.

Ioannides is also asked about the specific services offered at Treasure Coast Dermatology. He opens up about how they treat a variety of skin disorders for their patients, as well as treating skin cancers and providing dermatology education where it is needed most.

Like any good doctor and businessman, Tim Ioannides acknowledges and talks about some of the mistakes he has made along the way. He provides ideas on what he could have done to do things better, and what he will do in the future to prevent those mistakes from happening again.

Tim Ioannides is a licensed dermatologist, and he has been working in the field for over 15 years now. He is a board-certified physician, and spends a lot of time educating future dermatologists at local Miami schools.

Tim Ioannides’s: Twitter.

Desiree Perez: Behind the Scenes of Successful Artists

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, a company that works on behalf of talented artists and performers, bringing them in contact with recording companies and other opportunities so that they can reach their full potential. Some of the services she performs are managing tour campaigns, marketing albums, and negotiating recording deals.

While managing tour campaigns, Perez connects with different venues, and signs contracts for performances. She handles the marketing of the show or artist in a way to maximize the ticket sales. Another service that Desiree Perez performs is marketing upcoming albums. She uses her contacts and knowledge to ensure that each album is as successful as possible, and that the artists she represents get the best payout and the most favorable deals.

Desiree Perez works behinds the scenes and many people have never heard her name, but has been instrumental to spotlighting many talented individuals and making them famous. When buy branded merchandise from artists, attend a live concert, or buy an album, you are likely to be dealing with products of Desiree Perez and the Roc Nation. Her dedication and leadership have been vital to the success of Roc Nation, helping it grow into one of the most sought-after talent agencies in the entertainment world.

Desiree Perez

Isabel dos Santos: Finding Success Through Your Own Merits

When you look at the widespread success Isabel dos Santos has been faced with within recent years, it may, at first, be difficult to decipher what exactly makes the woman so special. This is an inquiry that would soon be answered to anyone who does even the slightest bit of research on her, however. Not only is she one of the biggest businesswomen in the world, but she is the very first African businesswoman to become a billionaire. That is the kind of achievement that you really cannot take away from someone; no matter how many years pass or how much the state of African business changes, she will always be the first to make it as far as she has, and for that, she will likely stand in history books for years to come.

Isabel dos Santos does not look upon herself with all the same gratitude that her clients do, however; she believes it is important to separate her personal life from her professional. Particularly when she found that people have quite the admiring attitude towards her, she did not want to be too exposed to all of that. This is a lesson she gleaned from her father; when you are confronted with fame, it is far too easy to get lost in all of it. Isabel dos Santos is quite aware of this, and because of that reality, she has worked hard on a daily basis to stay as humble as possible while also being one of the most influential figures in business today.

It can be difficult from time to time, but what Isabel dos Santos always reminds herself is that everyone has to start from somewhere. Many people assume that just because she was born into wealth, she has had an easy career, but this really could not be further from the truth. In fact, her father took great measures to ensure that she did not become spoiled with all the possessions he had. He wanted Isabel dos Santos to create her own path and find success by her own merits, and so far, she has done exactly that.

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Academy Of Art University Alumni Contribute Their Skills To Avengers: Endgame

The Academy of Art University is a private educational institution located in San Francisco. It was opened in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens who had been the creative director at Sunset Magazine. Many professional artists and designers have graduated from this university in the past 90 years. One of Stephens’ beliefs was that people who want to attend art school shouldn’t need to have an art portfolio in order to do so.

Avengers: Endgame was released to critical and viewer acclaim. On just its first day this movie made $156.7 million. In just 11 days ticket sales exceeded $2 billion. Several Academy of Art University’s alumni helped create the visual effects in this movie which stunned audiences. Among the alumni who helped create the VFX of Endgame were Megan Dolman (Industrial Light & Magic), Scott Brisbane and Vanessa Cook (Weta Digital), Matt Smith and Jan Philip Cramer (Digital Domain), and Heriyanto Tio (Framestore).

The Academy of Art University offers several degree programs. Among their schools are acting, architecture, fashion, fine art, graphic design, photography, advertising, and game development. They currently have 11,071 students with 4,020 of them in postgraduate programs. They accept everyone who applies to become a student as they still don’t want to turn anybody away from an education.

This university has had alumni contribute to many other films besides Avengers: Endgame. Among these movies are Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, The Little Mermaid, Shrek 2, Avengers: Infinity War, Terminator 2, and The Lion King. The types of jobs they train people for include digital artist, animator, compositor, motion editor, and lead matte painter.

Graphic Design USA recently released its ranking of the best graphic design schools in the nation. They named the Academy of Art University among those at the top of this list. Their criteria included how well an educational institution prepared student for life as a professional. The Academy of Art University also earned this designation in both 2017 and 2018. Other organizations have ranked them highly as well such as Communication Arts and Adobe Design.

Meet Vijay Eswaran, the Vivid Leader

Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder and chairperson of the QI Group of Companies. He co-founded the e-commerce based conglomerate entity in 1998. The company has businesses diversified into direct sales and retail, lifestyle and leisure, telecommunication, training and conference management, luxury and collectibles, logistics and property development.

Mr. Eswaran attended reputable universities in USA and UK. He has an impressive record of working for highly reputable companies in responsible positions in Europe, Canada, USA, before moving to Asia where he became an entrepreneur.

In 1998, Dr. Vijay Eswaran led like-minded persons to form a training and direct selling entity, QI Group, which has today become a multi-business conglomerate. The enterprise has regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. It has a presence in almost 30 countries with many subsidiary outlets.

Vijay Eswaran is a highly renowned motivational speaker. He lectures on various topics ranging from business to spirituality around the world. Dr. Eswaran has spoken at leadership and management forums and leading universities such as Commonwealth Business Forums and World Economic Forum events.

Charity Work

Vijay Eswaran is also a prominent philanthropist. He led the QI Group in establishing a corporate social responsibility movement, the RYTHM Foundation. The organization carries out charity activities around the universe. He has also founded several philanthropic movements in Malaysia such as the Vijayaratnam Foundation and RF’s local chapter. The Vijayaratnam Foundation was set up to honor the glory of his father, and it works with other non-government movements and charitable associations on different projects for youth development, child mentoring, special education, and women empowerment.


Mr. Vijay Eswaran was named in the annual list of Heros of Philanthropy in Forbes Asia in 2011. He recently received the lifetime achievement title in Regional Philanthropy after leading Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia during the third World Chinese Economic Forum. The Global Organization for People of Indian Origin conferred him with an award in International Leader in Global Business Strategies.

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Michael Nierenberg and Regular Actions

Michael Nierenberg and other finance professionals know that factors such as stability, regular cash flows, and high value returns matter. If one can not get these different aspects within an investment, it may not be worth it overall. Professionals such as

Michael Nierenberg may witness this in their daily habits and routines as well, if they prioritize stability, high value work, and interactions, they end up well.

The field of finance is one of process, as Michael Nierenberg and other experts within the field would know, regular actions that are focused on positive returns can be alpha generating overall.

Michael Nierenberg has focused on generating alpha in his life in all aspects of his career and in his current firm through the process. As such, it pays to look at their careers, their choices, their mindsets and what would lead to decisions in their life.

Now, this tells you how repeated actions could impact the world with a magnitude of change. Which is something that experts from different walks of life also agree with to a great extent.

As popular marketing and author Seth Godin elaborated, the effects of incremental daily processes are the real driving force behind actual transformation. Click here to learn more

Equities First Holdings Success in Financial Standings and Customer Happiness

While only being established in 2002, Equities First Holdings has become and remained the top lender os tock based loans. The company has been able to become successful by forming long-term relationships with partners that would help them out in the long term such as leading law firms working domestically and internationally. Since expanding internationally first with the London office in 2013, they have had a grasp on lending in the European professional market.

Since the establishment in 2002, the company have completed over 700 transactions and delivered $1 billion in US dollars to clients. Many borrowers choose Equities First Holdings due to the reasonable options such as no fluctuations in interest rates in exchange for a low, fixed interest rate spread over a longer time than conventional loans, making it much easier for someone to feel comfortable in getting a loan. Equities First Holdings has proven that treating your customers with respect will get your business.

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