Chicago Mayor teams up with Delhi Leader to Celebrate Mahatma Ghandi

Recently, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, along with Senator Dick Durbin and a host of business leaders and dignitaries teamed up with Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee Chair Smita Shah, to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi, on the 5th celebration in the Chicago area lauding the Indian leader for his championing and inspiring the civil rights movement, on Gandhi’s 150th celebration of his birth. The gala also recognized the deep roots and culture of the Indian community in the Chicago area.


The Mahatama Gandhi Luncheon was the brainstorm of Smita Shah. the CEO of a major construction firm in the Chicago area. 


Smita Smith, who is recognized in multiple states for her construction work, and has degrees from MIT, Northwestern and Oxford Universities, has been recognized as one of the most influential business leaders in the nation and is lauded for her charity and philopatric work, launched the Mahatma Gandhi luncheon in 2014, as part of her role as chairman of the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee.


During the luncheon, Mayor Lightfoot capped the joint celebration of the contributions of the Indian community in Chicago by noting she had declared October 2nd as Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago, as recognition of the close relationship between Gandhi and the civil rights movement, as well as the close connections of the Indian Community as exemplified by the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee.


Mayor Lightfoot’s proclamation also cited Gandhi’s tremendous influence on African American leaders such as Howard Thurman, Benjamin Mays, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who were deeply influenced by Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violent civil disobedience. 


Speaking for the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee, chairman Shah noted that it was a deep honor for her to reflect on the both the Mahatama Gandhi luncheon and the mayor’s proclamation, and noted the idea all started in recognition not only of Mahatma Gandhi but in how we can all have an impact on improving lives by working together.


he Delhi Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International

Chicago Sister Cities International is a division of World Business Chicago and its intentions are to foster bridges and share ideas between Chicago and its international communities and partners. Learn more:


The Chicago Sister Cities International has been promoting cross-cultural arts and tourism, global education, international business and government exchange since 1973.


Among Smita Shah’s notable achievements was being awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, joining such notables as Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra, and Rosa Parks, recognizing those who have significantly changed the face of America. 


Mayor Lori Lightfoot became mayor of Chicago in May of 2019, the first black woman mayor in Chicago’s history.

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OSI Group & The Meatless Burger Madness

Are you interested in food alternatives? Have you ever heard of meatless burgers? If you haven’t heard about these phenomenal products, then you must be living under a rock. Impossible Foods is the founder of the popular Impossible Whopper, and this particular product is changing the food industry. The Impossible Whopper is basically a meatless hamburger that has the taste of an authentic hamburger. The product even smells like real beef, and it has the same texture. Impossible Foods has lacked the production capability to mass-produce this product on a national level, which is why this California-based company has hired a supreme helper. This help has come in the form of a prominent food provider that’s known as OSI Group. OSI Group will use its strengths in food production to supply thousands of food retailers with this tasty product.

Since meatless burgers are plant-based products, they are much healthier than standard foods. Plant-based food solutions require less water and less land to produce. They’re also full of protein and vitamins. The production of these burgers emits 87 percent fewer greenhouse gases, which equates to a lower carbon footprint. OSI Group has over 60 facilities worldwide. This includes facilities in Poland, Spain, Japan, Brazil, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany and Canada. In the US alone, the company has at least five production plants. Since extreme amounts of growth is expected in this particular sector, OSI is looking to meet Impossible Foods’ quota of 17,000 restaurants before the year 2020.

Beyond Meat, a rival company in plant-based food solutions, will be selling its new version of meatless burger in McDonald’s restaurants after the burger’s test run. Thanks to being a full-step ahead of the competition, Impossible Foods has already gained an extremely large following, and OSI Group is the icing on the cake.

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Luke Lazarus Discusses Shaping Start-Ups for Success

Among the most iconic entrepreneurs in the business world, today is Luke Lazarus. His expertise as a business leader and mentor has been shining ever since he took up his new career as a start-up consultant.

Many business journalists consider him as a super-entrepreneur with a golden touch as all of the businesses that he takes part in succeed.

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According to recent statistics, most budding entrepreneurs fail to push their businesses to success. The sad reality is that up to 90% of new businesses fail in under five years. Luke, who has built a prosperous career as a start-up consultant with a golden touch, was recently invited for a discussion by Doug Sandler. During this discussion, this super-entrepreneur talked about shaping start-ups for success.

Do Your Homework

According to Luke Lazarus, among the many reasons that most budding entrepreneurs fail is not the lack of intelligence or talent. He pointed out that young entrepreneurs are amongst the most brilliant people that you can come across.

What pulls them down is the lack of the art of high finance. Most entrepreneurs lack the skills that are necessary to put an excellent brand message and to run a successful show.

This start-up consultant pointed out that most entrepreneurs with new businesses are misguided. What they have in mind about the way things will go is very different from what is actually needed to make things go that way.

Luke Lazarus mentioned that most budding entrepreneurs think that finding potential investors for their businesses is as easy as they see it on TV.

They never give a thought to what might have been happening behind the scenes. He went on to advise entrepreneurs to do their homework about what is necessary for their business to succeed in their sectors.

Success Is Not a One-Person Show

Additionally, most budding entrepreneurs underestimate the value of recruiting top-notch employees to their teams. Most of them end up employing friends and family. Luke Lazarus revealed that the business environment could be very harsh for any company that cannot put its best foot forward.

As a business in a competitive market, staying ahead of the competition is an ongoing battle. This battle is almost impossible to win without the best team. He advised entrepreneurs to be keen on their hiring as it’s vital for their success.

About Luke

This start-up consultant’s star in the business sector started shining quite early in his career. After his graduation from the Melbourne Business School, where he pursued an MBA, he took up entrepreneurship. In the decade that followed, he started four companies, all of which became widely successful.

After this massive success at such a young age, Luke Lazarus yearned for something more. He had already made enough money for a lifetime, and he wanted to do something that made him lively.

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After a short period of soul-searching, he took on start-up consulting. In his career as a start-up consultant, he helps businesses find their way through the steep learning curve that usually leaves most in line for financial death.

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Jin Oh: Taking on leadership and the future

He is the president of Worldwide publishing for the popular game maker known as Riot Games. Jin Oh has expressed that it’s a choice to be a leader, and he must often remind himself what that means. With the approaching future, Jin Oh remains a true believer that one must stay focused and continue to evolve with every decision. To him, it’s imperative to stay one step ahead of the growing competition. It allows for Riot to attain more players and continue building a strong brand.

Jin Oh has over 20 years of experience in technology marketing. He’s worked with popular name brands such as Samsung, Buzzfeed Entertainment and SK Group to name a few. Jin Oh stands by his ideal of being self-ware in his leadership duties.

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Alexis Kennedy Finds His Gaming Niche

In 2016, Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan started the Weather Factory, which is an independent studio based in London. Prior to this, in January of 2010, Alexis Kennedy had started Failbetter Games. These experiences were able to give him a lot of useful experience in the gaming industry. After creating the Weather Factory, the two started Kickstarter. This was used to create Cultist Simulator, which is a card-based simulation game. This idea went on to earn $104,283, which was substantially over the goal of $38,152. In May of 2018, it was released on PC before going to mobile devices in April of 2019.

Cultist Simulator is a game that is based around a student of the occult. The goal is to figure out the secret skin of the world. Since there is not a tutorial, figuring out how to play and win the game is all part of the process. Some people think this is a great idea and some do not like it at all.

Alexis became a independent game developer when he took a six month break from his job as a software consultant. He took the break when his first child was born and took advantage of this time to make a switch in his career. He indicates it was scary at times due to lack of money, but in the end, it was worth it.

He finds it most difficult to get the attention of potential customers and keep it. Gaining a following can be difficult, and keeping it can also be difficult. He defines his success at being able to make a living doing what you like to do. He indicates that the market is large enough, and the larger companies go after a certain market. It does leave some niches that are not touched and are able to be infiltrated by independent game developers.

Alexis is finding success in his current genre, so his future plans are also to continue developing games that have a more melancholy, occult flair to them. He states that even if he had more funds to develop his games, he would probably still want to do the same type of games that he is doing now.

Maarten De Jeu Outlines The Value Of Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Real estate has always been one of the best modes of investment for those who are looking to invest their money well and for those who want to form a strong financial backing. Real estate has several advantages, which is why people all over the world try to find some of the other real estate ventures to funnel their money into. While almost all forms of real estate can prove to be profitable if done in the right manner, commercial real estate is one medium that can significantly help those who are looking to make the best out of their investments.


There are numerous benefits to investing in commercial real estate. For one, commercial real estate can give individuals a more short term profit as compared to other kinds of real estate. Maarten De Jeu, prominent investment analysts explained this in a recent article where he outlined the fact that when a person invests into commercial real estate, they are usually doing this so that they can then lease out the space to companies who are looking to rent a space and for those who are looking to set up their own base of operations. This means that every month, they will be paying you a certain amount of money to stay in that space, which is an amount that will grow over time. Resale aside, this alone can help you earn back a considerable amount from what you have spent and can help you get better profitability with your investment.


In the article, Maarten De Jeu also outlined the fact that investments are done in the area of commercial real estate often is immune to inflation. While the cost of goods may rise and fall with changes to the economy and different market scenarios, real estate will always be profitable when it comes to resale in the future. Because of the nature of the real estate market, the prices of real estate only go up with time. While there may be a few low points that reduce the value of a property, most of the time, the resale value will be higher than the amount that you bought it at.


Commercial real estate is always going to be in demand because of the consumerist nature of the world that we live in. So long as people are in need of products and services, there will always be a need for commercial real estate, which is why this is such a brilliant choice for those who want to invest their money wisely and form a strong financial foundation with the money that they have. Learn more:


About Maarten De Jeu


Maarten De Jeu is someone who has had an impressive career as a strategic analyst and is a professional who has led several well-regarded companies towards a path of success. He is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to investments and has used this knowledge to help the clients that he has met. Through this experience, several companies have been able to reach the goals that they set for themselves.

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Sergey Petrossov Takes Advantage of Unused Flying Hours on the Private Jets


JetSmarter is one of the largest and most successful names in the world of private jet travel. The company is led by its young founder and CEO Sergey Petrossov. He has taken this company from the ground up in just a few short years. The company is already worth more than $1 billion and has already changed the way many people fly in the world of private jet travel. Now, with the push of a button, people are able to book a seat on a private plane. This is a far cry from the days of calling people and signing physical papers. Sergey Petrossov turned his company into a success by taking advantage of an opening in the travel industry.

According to Sergey Petrossov, there are a lot of planes that go unused every day. The planes are able to fly for more than 1,500 hours in the sky; however, there are many planes that fly less than 20 percent of this amount. This means that there is the potential to make a lot of extra flights by simply trying to find a way to book more seats. Sadly, there are also many people who do not fly on a private plane because the process is too difficult. In the past, it was too hard to book a physical seat on a private plane. If only there was an easier way to book a seat, more people would use the private jet travel service.


Thanks to Sergey Petrossov, there is. Now, people can book a flight on any of these planes with the push of a button. The planes are now flying more, which means that there are less unused hours. Sergey Petrossov also allows more people to fly on a plane, which has led to the price dropping. One day, these prices may also compete with the commercial travel industry as well.

Impressionable facts about LocationSmart

LocationSmart has succeeded due to the high intelligence level of the individuals that serve it. The company has impacted the daily works of individuals that cause traffic on online platforms. Most companies in the world have also benefited from the amendable services of the company. For years people have believed in the services of the venture, and with time, they have gained trust in the expertise shown by the enterprise. The online venture has also adopted towards dealing and enduring with the critics that it receives from people that do not seem to apprehend its services. To the employers in the venture, critics are always part of all companies that tend to succeed quickly. None of the team in the company has ever fallen for the negativities given by its competitors as well as other individuals that do not like working hard to earn from their inputs. Success never seems to stop being part of LocationSmart. The various growths noticed in the company continue to challenge and bring fear in the companies that are its rivals.

LocationSmart has also impacted the online betting and gambling companies. Being big beneficiaries of the venture, such companies have gained the psych to keep up in their services. The online investment allows the companies to operate smoothly by deriving a lot of information on its user’s location and operations by obtaining information from their platforms from the moment that a client logs in to the latter. The information has ensured that any fraudster is identified quickly by lawmakers. Besides, it has ensured that financial transactions do not turn out to be a problem for anyone. With the high levels of unemployment, many people are trying to find out a better way of surviving. It is unappealing that some individuals have been trying to steal from ventures that operate online. The act has caused many people losses and in some cases, landed many to trouble. Whenever there are serious financial transactions, most company operators have chosen to connect with LocationSmart so that they can have the real details of their clients. With the full information about everyone transacting the cash, the companies have delivered the capital to the right people.

Additionally, LocationSmart has also found a better way of increasing it’s earning through posing as a platform for advertisement. Most people in business encourage the venture to create a profile that presents its services so that clients can easily reach them. With the several details that the experts post about prolific companies, many people have known about the services of various ventures. Besides, its ability to connect people ensures that every company operates on profits and avoids losses. The enterprise has come to bring a revolution in the whole world by proving to people that online businesses can be less daunting and more time friendly. Besides, the venture has proven that millions of people like to save their time by avoiding the tiring traffic due to traveling to varying locations to get the goods they require for their businesses.


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“Ethiopia Planted Over 350 Million Trees in a Day With Help from GPB Global Resources B.V.” Article Recap

GPB Global Resources and the government of Ethiopia are working together to plant four billion trees as part of a project led by Prime Minister Ably Ahmed called the “Green Legacy Initiative.” On July 29, 2019, this project planted 350 million trees in a single day. On that day, GPB Global Resources helped two communities plant 1,000 trees. A study by ETH Zurich says that the planet can support 4.4 billion hectares of total forest, which is 1.6 billion more hectares than the current tree cover worldwide. When these trees reach adult growth, they can store over 200 billion tons of carbon, which is 2/3 of the total amount of 300 billion tons of carbon that humans have produced since the Industrial Revolution.

GPB Global Resources works in hydrocarbon exploration in Ethiopia, and its participation in the tree-planting effort is part of the company’s agreement with the national government allowing it to enter the country and work in this industry. This agreement also included projects in other areas such as food security, water access, schools and education, medical equipment and training, and other general community issues. Working on these areas, GPB Global Resources helped improve farmland irrigation, set up two water supply systems, provided medical supplies and training to local medical centers, and supplied Q-drums to assist people in carrying fresh water. Government authorities inspected these projects in March 2019, and found that additional projects were needed in the future for various reasons, including help for more access to water via water wells, supply and storage improvements, water treatment and more Q-drums, more school supplies, more medical equipment, and youth sports equipment.

GPB Global Resources is a mineral and petroleum company in operation in various countries, including Russia. Its founder and managing director is Boris Ivanov. The company employs approximately 1,000 people. It works with local governments or companies when it works in Africa, and tries to include positive aspects to the disruption that mineral and petroleum extraction can bring to developing countries.

Fortress Investment Group & Peter Briger

Peter Briger’s Career History & Background

In business and investing, the one thing that is for certain is the fact that it is one of the most challenging and demanding fields to work in. As a professional in this industry, it requires lots of time, money, and sacrifice to just stay afloat in this business. When we take this into consideration as well as many another factors, it is easy to understand why there isn’t a lot of successful businessmen that come from this area of expertise. While there definitely are a fair share of successful individuals in it, especially on a global scale, perhaps nobody in this area has had as big of an impression to the industry as has Peter Briger.

As a financial professional in this industry, Peter Briger has accomplished so much in his career in a relatively short time period. In fact, his career resume and accolades can rarely be compared to other professionals in the same field. As great as that is, it is more impressive to know that Peter Briger has had this type of impact for more than two decades in the industry. This is one of the many reasons he is very respected in the industry. Having said that, there are obviously many ways he has achieved the level of prominence he has today. SO, to clearly understand how he has accomplished so much as a financial professional, here is more on the career of Peter Briger and his current role.

More on Peter Briger & His Role Fortress Investment Group

Worth repeating, Peter Briger has shown to be a true professional by diversifying the ways he achieves success. This just goes t show how effective he has become as a professional and, also shows why he is highly-regarded for what he does in his field. That being said, most of his recognition has come from his efforts at the company Fortress Investment Group. This company, which is one of the best investment and management firms in the whole nation, has greatly benefited from Peter Briger and his contributions to the company. In many ways, Peter Briger has to lead to most of the company’s overall success. Certainly, since his arrival, he has been credited for most of the company’s growth and profit. Considering how great he is as a professional, it really is no surprise to hear how beneficial he has been to the company. Peter Briger will surely continue to succeed in whatever he does, as he has always proven to do.

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