Raffaele Riva Continues to Help Startups

The corporate section has registered a growing number of successful angel investors in recent years. One name, however, remains very common. Raffaele Riva, an executive from the United States, has made major strides in the world of investments. The angel investor spends his time moving in different countries and giving investors the solution to their problems. In London, for instance, the business executive has ensured that no one has to stop their business because of a lack of funds. Being an expert in startups has paid the executive so well, making him one of the popular serial entrepreneurs in the world. In just ten years, the business leader has moved from an ordinary student to a highly successful executive in the world of startups. His dedication to the industry has helped him to remain focused for all those years.

When Raffaele Riva shared his story not long ago, everyone was impressed. Unlike many big names in the market, the executive started from scratch. The dream of being a business leader was born when he collaborated with other students in the year 2006. The young and energetic students loved to try out the things they were learning in school. The students raised a small technology company with the little savings they had acquired while in school. What shocked them is the fact that after just a short time, the business grew and raised so much capital. By the time Riva was leaving college, he had an idea of the career he was going to pursue and become financially independent. It takes so much commitment and hard work to deal with the changing market. Because all his customers are in the global market, Riva conducts so much research so that he understands what is happening. Learning about different markets makes it easy to deal with clients from various locations.

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