Raffaele Riva Multi-faceted Global Businessman

Raffaele Riva was born in Milan, Italy, in 1962. Riva graduated from Milan Italy’s Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in 1987. Riva graduated with honors in economics. By 1989, Riva completed a graduate course at Universita Cattolica in accounting.

Raffaele Riva began a job as an accounting assistant at a major Manchester, United Kingdom, firm in 1988. His employers liked Riva’s job so well, they promoted him to Assistant Manager. Riva left the company in 1992.

Raffaele Riva decided to become the top manager of a global conglomerate firm. Riva served on many boards in places spanning from North America, South America, Africa, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and other places. As a senior executive, Riva wanted to coordinate important operations among subsidiaries and branches of the industry. By the late 1990s, Riva was ready to move on.

Raffaele Riva founded several advisory companies where he was managing partner and co-owner of. The experience gave Riva lots of experience in corporate finance, international taxes, and legal issues. Riva worked with wealth planning, corporate restructuring, and estate planning. In 2008, Riva decided once again it was time to leave.

Today Raffaele Riva has many positions. One of Riva’s jobs is Vice Chairman of a Swiss asset management company called the Aurea Multi Family Office. Riva also works at BM business Management & P C. Riva works with portfolio management, asset management, investment advisory, investment management, and more. Riva works with large banks and high profile professionals, asset managers, fund companies, and insurance companies all over the world. Riva is a well-respected business leader around the world. Riva is a multi-faceted business man who dabbles in the areas of real estate, economics, estates, wealth planning and investments. Riva hasn’t stayed in one place too long; he’s eager to try many experiences in the business world.

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