Steve Lesnard of Product Introduction and Marketing

Foreign and changing social and digital media platforms have changed the various forms of marketing new products. These decisions have remarkable benefits and are a proof of counter-productivity in a case of un-proper leveraging. Successful brands always put the needs of their consumers in the center of their approach. Successful introduction of products in the market highlights the advantages that increase value to the lives of consumers. In order to successfully market a product, Steve Lesnard advises on using two key principles: simplicity and bringing the product to life.

Keeping it simple makes the process of product introduction memorable. Walt Disney once stated that the most significance thing in product introduction is getting a correct story line. A successful product introduction highlights the benefits of the consumer, while stating what trend or product is correct and new. This may seem easy to most brands. The aspect of simplification makes a brand’s team center their focus on relevant and innovative communication features. Along the way, it is not wrong to chose a particular lane and let it guide you.

10k songs in your pocket was Apple’s famous iPod campaign, which is an illustration of Apple’s focus on the simple advantages of creating a foreign solution to its consumers, who have a passion for listening to music. Apple had a simplified communication approach with emotion suitable for the technical supremacy era in the industry. Currently, Apple focuses on safety, health and fitness through expansion of features and measurements of sports.

Bringing a product to life is a process of making it real in the market. This principle is based on consumer experience that one wishes to bring to life upon getting a clear story -line. For instance, how would a particular item look on you, how an item functions or how to use a particular product. These elements of a story-line can be portrayed in different forms which can energize a media platform of one’s choice. Rich and changing ways of marketing include integrating consumer testimony with the story-line, use of videos to market products and highlighting the memorable features of a product.

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