The MAGFAST Charger Arrives to Change the Game

Struggling to charge up your iPhone or Android is no fun. Waiting around forever to see a bar turn solid green can be annoying. And the sight of tangled chords frays nerves. Seymour Segnit, a talented entrepreneur, has solutions for the charging-challenged. He and his wife Amy co-founded MAGFAST, a company that produces a “family” of wireless and magnetic chargers. Each MAGFAST charger presents a special trait that allows it to serve a designated function. Whether you want something all-purpose or specially designed for an Apple Watch, a MAGFAST charger might serve your needs.

Consumers want specific traits in their chargers. A “one-size-fits-all” charger that works with different devices proves appealing. Seymour Signet’s struggles to find the right chargers for his family’s multitude of devices helped spawn the idea for MAGFAST. A successful crowdfunding venture moved the entrepreneurial ball further down the court. Surprisingly, the MAGFAST charger crowdfunding success story followed a failed business endeavor. Segnit isn’t someone who lets a one-time failure deliver discouragement.

The compatibility aspect isn’t the only trait that makes wireless magnetic chargers helpful. The chargers work at a rapid speed, which is preferable to people reliant on a fully-charged smartphone or tablet. Portability counts for a lot. Who wants to struggle to carry chargers around?

The MAGFAST Road charger is specially designed for travel. The small-sized charger provides a solution for people needing to charge things on the go. And many millions of busy people find themselves frantically commuting every day. A charger intended to complement their busy lives helps.

And yes, people do appreciate the fact that cable tangles are wiped away, too. Tangles are more than unsightly. They can contribute to the wearing down of the charging cables. Once frayed, the cables could become unreliable. Wireless chargers made with magnets eradicate such woes.

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