The Outstanding Managerial Tactics of Gino Pozzo That Rescued Watford Football Club

Gino Pozzo is a sports enthusiast from Udine, Italy. His interest in sports began in his childhood days. His parents Giuliana and Gianpaolo Pozzo made him adore sports. His mother, Giuliana, comes from a family that once had interests in Udinese Calcio football team. The presidents of the club happened to be from her family. Concisely, the passion in sports is in Gino Pozzo’s blood. The Pozzo family continues to admire the club to date. On his side, Gino owns the Watford Football club from England.

Initially, the Gino family specialized in woodworking business but later changed to electrical appliances. The family business based in Spain has executed various successful mergers and acquisitions along the way. Besides, the family combines business with sports club ownership. The sports industry might not be the family’s daily bread and butter, but it’s committed on it.

Gino Pozzo’s experience in managing football clubs started in 1993 after joining Udinese. Under his leadership, the club displayed massive progress. In 2009, he oversaw the family’s acquisition of Granada Football club in Spain. In two years, Gino helped the once debt stricken team reach Primera La Liga. The team had stayed in the cold Sekunda B league for 35 years.

His aggressiveness in the sporting industry did not deter him from purchasing the indebted Watford club in 2012.He relocated to London one year later to nurture his investment closely. Gino sold majority of Granada’s stake to concentrate on Udinese and Watford Clubs. The €37 million deal took place in 2016 between him and Jiang Lizhang, the Link International Sports’ owner.

According to Gino Pozzo, owning a football club is currently a booming business. Gone are the days when people owned football clubs for fun. The Harvard University alumnus manages the club at Vicarage Road, London. His unmatched club management style of investing in coaches and players has helped the club tremendously. The club maintains exemplary performance in the EPL, English Premier League.

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